Eastern Shore Custom Home Builder and General Contractor
Call Us Today: (410) 479-2890

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Nuttle Builder Trucks

A Brief History

Nuttle Builders, Inc. was originally a division of the Nuttle Lumber & Coal Company which was founded in 1930 by Elias Nuttle. Nuttle Builders has specialized in the Design/Build contracting format since the 1950’s.
In 1973 the Nuttle Lumber and Coal Company was sold and the name shortened to the Nuttle Lumber Company. Nuttle Builders was incorporated as a separate company in 1984. Keith A. Neal, who started working for the Nuttle Lumber Company in 1975, purchased Nuttle Builders, Inc. in 1992.

Our Staff

Our office staff includes Plan & Design, Estimating, Book Keeping and Administrative personnel. Our field employees include skilled Carpenters and Painters. Other trade work such as Masonry, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, etc. are subcontracted to proven tradesmen.
About Us March 16, 2014

Buy generic viagra online reviews - Viagra for sale usa

Nuttle Builders, Inc.
1139 Industrial Parkway
PO Box 327
Denton, MD 21629
United States

Phone Line 1: (410) 479-2890
Phone Line 2: (410) 822-2905
Fax: (410) 822-2210

Website: www.nuttlebuilders.com

Mission Statement

We have worked hard to earn a reputation for delivering efficient designs, innovative use of materials, quality workmanship, and customer commitment. Our goal is to be the best contractor value in the custom construction market in our
geographic area.

Let us help you with your special project.

The Nuttle Builders Philosophy

We promise our customers that we will get the job done right. With the loyal, experienced and dedicated staff we’ve assembled, that goal is always achieved. Our standard of quality has allowed us to complete projects that will last for generations to come. We believe the integrity of our work speaks for itself. We are able to maintain a lasting relationship with our clients, spanning decades.